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Physical Education

At Courthill Infant School we are committed to supporting all children to achieve and thrive through the development of a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer a variety of opportunities which promote a life-long understanding of how to stay healthy by incorporating fitness, movement and health as an integral part of our daily curriculum as well as through explicit PE sessions. We want to offer experiences which will encourage sportsmanship, team work, challenge, knowledge, a sense of self-worth and perseverance.




Our aim is to provide an exciting and varied PE curriculum which will nourish and extend children’s abilities to practice, refine and perform skills so that all children progress well from their starting points. Children will be able to challenge themselves within the ‘Growth Mindset’ ethos and our staff have the skills to enable this to happen.


We aim to make physical and mental health, fitness and sport central to each child’s life, both in and out of school.


PE in practice


Each class will have 2 sessions of PE per week. One session will be indoors and one session will be outdoors. We concentrate on the fundamentals of physical development (agility, balance and coordination) and extend these skills in accordance with the ability of each child so that they achieve their full potential. Teachers will work with specialist coaches to develop their skills and improve planning and subsequent learning outcomes and opportunities.


PE at Courthill Infant school extends beyond explicit PE lessons as we incorporate physical and mental health into all aspects of the school curriculum. All classes have access to continuous ‘Active Learning’ whereby children’s gross, fine and core skills are enhanced through movement, balance and coordination activities within the classroom. Mental health is also supported through well-being and ‘Mindfulness’ activities.


PE not only makes its own distinctive contribution to the school curriculum but also makes strong links to all aspects of the varied and interesting curriculum offered at Courthill Infant School. PE develops literacy and numeracy skills, scientific reasoning, communication, awareness within PSHE topics, thinking and problem solving skills, social and emotional skills and an appreciation of musical components.


We will provide opportunities, within the school (intra) and between schools (inter), for pupils to participate in a range of competitive, creative and challenge-type activities, as individuals and as part of a team.


Sporting Events


Harbourside Games – Monday 25th June 2018


All of the schools in the Harbourside Learning Partnership were involved in the inaugural Harbourside Games. The competition, held at Ashdown athletics track, had 3 categories - KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2. Across the partnership over 500 children represented their schools, including 45 of our own Courthill children.


The events were:


Standing Long Jump, 75m Hurdles, 75m Sprint, Howler Throw, Hammer Throw and Speed Bounce.


Mr Howieson, the Chief Executive of our Harbourside Learning Partnership, was on hand to give out the shields on offer for each category, and we are pleased to say Courthill finished in 3rd place. A fantastic effort by the children who participated and the adults who organised the event.