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Science is all about finding out and exploring the world. Children are naturally curious so encourage them to ask lots of questions about what they see.  Here are some ways you can help your child at home.




Encourage your child to look at things that change over time. For instance, plant seeds and watch them change. Look at animals growing up and talk about the changes.


Cook with your child. Talk about where the ingredients might have come from. Think about what the flour might have looked like before it was flour. Ask them to predict what will happen to the mixture when it is put into the oven.


Go for a walk and look at how the trees change throughout the seasons.


If you visit a farm or a zoo. Can they name the animals? How are they similar or different? What are their young called? What do they eat?


If your child has a range of toy animals can they sort them into groups? Those that eat plants and those that are meat eaters? Can they sort their play food into categories? eg dairy, cereals, meat or protein etc.


When you go for a walk look for or find signs of British wildlife. What can they hear?


Look at the leaves on the trees. Can you name the trees from that?


Use their senses to find out about materials. Ask them to tell you what they feel like or smell like.


Join organisations like ‘Nature Detectives’ as they give you lots of fun activities to do outside.



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